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Sharpshooter Alarm Clock™
Sharpshooter Alarm Clock™
Sharpshooter Alarm Clock™

Sharpshooter Alarm Clock™

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The Sharpshooter Alarm Clock™ makes snoozing your alarm much harder than just hitting a button... you have to actually hit the target before it turns off! Using this alarm clock you'll be able to get up and stay up. 


The Sharpshooter Alarm Clock™ doubles as an alarm clock and a shooting game. Simply choose your mode using the buttons on the top of the alarm clock.

The alarm clock mode allows you to set a specified time for the alarm to go off. To turn off the alarm, simply shoot the target or press the stop button.

The shooting game mode tests your reaction time, simply shoot the target when you see the red light. 

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Package Includes:

  • 1x Sharpshooter Alarm Clock™
  • 1x Infrared Gun
  • 1x Instruction Manual